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Stop the 21st Century Killing You
Stop the 21st Century Killing You
The Body Restoration Plan UK Paperback


The Body Restoration Plan US ed.
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THE BODY RESTORATION PLAN: Eliminate Chemical Calories and repair your body's natural Slimming System

This book tackles what I believe is the root cause of most weight gain. Our own highly evolved natural weight control system, or what I have called our Slimming System, is being poisoned by the toxic chemicals that we encounter in our everyday lives - this damage makes it increasingly difficult for our bodies to control their own weight, so we end up getting fatter even if we eat less food. This detox diet approach tells you how to avoid the most "fattening" chemicals, or "Chemical Calories" in your food and around your home.

It also will provide for the first time ever a whole new set of Chemical Calorie food charts, which indicate which foods are more likely to be more contaminated with Chemical Calories than others. Surprisingly it reveals that many 'diet' foods tend to contain larger amounts of Chemical Calories than foods more traditionally thought to be fattening. For instance, strawberries appear to be far more fattening - Chemical Calorie wise - than avocado, because strawberries are frequently sprayed with 'fattening' chemicals and we do not peel them.

I will also explain how the current way in which we diet using simple food restriction not only doesn't work in the long term, but can actually make us gain weight. But there is a solution. By shedding your body's load of Chemical Calories safely, and rebuilding your natural Slimming System, not only should you lose all your excess weight, but you may never have to struggle with the scales again! In addition, the long-term health benefits and the boost to your energy levels should prove highly beneficial.
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