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Stop the 21st Century Killing You
Stop the 21st Century Killing You
The Body Restoration Plan UK Paperback


The Body Restoration Plan US ed.
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Since the launch of my latest book, Toxic Overload (Penguin Putnam NY 2004) / and the UK version Stop the 21st Century Killing You (Random House UK 2004) I have been working hard on a major new project. When this comes to fruition, I hope that it will provide people with an exciting new, natural and exquisitely effective way of shedding their body burden of even the most persistent and hard to shift toxic chemicals and chemical calories.

The aim is not only to benefit those with chemically related weight and health problems, but also to benefit those who are currently well but want to keep things that way. Despite the ever growing urgency of this due to the ever growing levels of pollution and the ever diminishing level of nutrients in our foods, I predict that it will take a little longer before it can come about.

This new work however does not affect the existing and future academic talks and lectures planned in the UK, US and other countries on all issues involving Chemical Calories and their effects on our weight and health. So please continue to contact me if your organisation is interested in inviting me to give a talk on these issues.

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