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Stop the 21st Century Killing You
Stop the 21st Century Killing You
The Body Restoration Plan UK Paperback


The Body Restoration Plan US ed.
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Chapter 3 Chemicals Make You Fat

The Medical Evidence
When I started researching this book, never in a million years did I expect to find the overwhelming evidence that I've now uncovered. The solution to the puzzle of why we are all becoming fatter is under our very noses. It lurks in every bite of food we eat, every sip of liquid we drink and in the very air we breathe. Now the time has come for the evidence to be pieced together. I think the easiest way to explain it, is to use a simple financial example.
Imagine a beef farmer, who raises cattle and sells them for slaughter. One of his major outgoings will be animal feed and his profit will be linked to the final weight of the cattle. The more it costs him to feed the cattle, the less profit he will make. If he had a magic 'fattening' pill his cows would eat less food and put on more weight, so he would make more money. It is therefore not surprising to learn that farmers have actually been using powerful fattening synthetic chemicals to force animal weight gain for a long time. For example, since 1976, the increasing use of growth promoting feed additives, selective breeding and high protein diets, has reduced the amount of feed needed for broiler chickens to reach 2kg by almost 40%.
The way that most of these chemicals act is to greatly improve food efficiency, in other words, they alter the animals' metabolism so that less food goes much further. Animals that eat these chemicals in their feed end up gaining more weight than untreated animals, even when the untreated animals are eating more food. It makes total economic sense.
More animal weight for less food. Food bills are reduced, and the income increases since the farmer will get a better price for them at market. And after the animals are sold, guess what? We eat them, chemicals and all.

Synthetic chemicals are making us fat
Our metabolism also appears to be affected by a massive range of synthetic chemicals in a very similar way - with the 'fattening' effect intended for animals in all probability working on us too.
These powerful chemicals achieve this in several ways. Firstly they appear to damage our appetite 'switch' so that we tend to eat far more than we actually need. Another is by reducing the amount of food our bodies actually need by damaging our ability to burn off food and so making what we eat go further. But possibly the most important way is by seemingly preventing our bodies from burning up existing fat stores.
So in effect, synthetic chemicals appear to act by poisoning our weight control system, effectively putting it out of action. What's worse, unless properly tackled, the effect appears to be cumulative, dooming us to become fatter and fatter as long as we keep exposing our bodies to these chemicals.'

Taken from THE DETOX DIET: Eliminate Chemical Calories and restore your natural Slimming System by Dr Paula Baillie-Hamilton, published by Michael Joseph.

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