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Stop the 21st Century Killing You
Stop the 21st Century Killing You
The Body Restoration Plan UK Paperback


The Body Restoration Plan US ed.
US - click here to buy the book from

Media Publications for Toxic Overload / Stop the 21st Century Killing You

The Ecologist Magazine (November 2006)
Positive health (UK) November issue 2006
First for Women (October 2006)
Woman’s World (August 2005)
First for Women (August/September 2005)
Lets Live Magazine (TBA 2005)
Newsday (TBA 2005)
Red Magazine (April 2005)
Glamour Magazine (June 2005)
Metro Newspaper (March 15th 2005)
You Magazine, Mail on Sunday (February 2005)
Allergy Newsletter (Spring 2005)
Allergy Magazine (June 2005)
Daily Express (January 20th 2005)
Daily Record (January 2005)
Press and Journal (Jan 2005)
Stirling Observer Jan 2005

An article I have written for the magazine Phenomena
Childhood Vaccination: State Enforced Child Abuse?

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